The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, September 25, 2005

News for 09-24-05

09-24-05 - Jewish Groups Press for Iran Sanctions Pro-Israel activists in Washington are pressing Congress to tighten American sanctions on Iran...Meanwhile, pro-Israel lobbyists on Capitol Hill are cajoling members of Congress to support the Iran Freedom Support Act, which would expand the existing American sanctions on companies that invest more than $20 annually in Iran's oil and gas sectors And UP goes the price of oil. Look who's sponsoring the legislation (on behalf of Israel again) - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

09-24-05 - UN condemns Iran amid nuclear bomb fears The U.N. nuclear watchdog passed a resolution on Saturday requiring that Iran be reported to the Security Council for failing to convince the international community that its nuclear program was entirely peaceful.

09-24-05 - Huge rally against Iraq war

09-24-05 - Bush: U.N. Must Review Iran Nuke Record Ahead of the IAEA meeting, the United States prepared a 44-page power-point presentation for diplomats that includes maps of suspected nuclear sites and detailed satellite images of what the U.S. claims are dummy buildings erected to disguise covert activity below ground Sound familiar? I hope so.

09-24-05 - Syria's speech before UN

09-24-05 - WHO IS THE BIGGER THREAT? A panel reporting to the US State Department has warned that President George W Bush is seen in some Arab nations as a greater threat than Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden

09-24-05 - Tens of thousands set to march against Iraq war

09-24-05 - Iran accuses Britain of 'colonialism' in nuclear row

09-24-05 - Key signatories urged to ratify Nuclear test ban treaty The United States, the world's leading nuclear power, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, China, Iran, Israel and Vietnam are among the remaining 11 countries that have not ratified the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

09-24-05 - AIPAC Givers Sought To Fund Job For Fired Top Official "I?m sure there's a concern Steve would reveal everything he knows about AIPAC" in a trial, said the former official. "The concern is not just violations of law but also from a political angle; they don't want the inner workings of the lobby laid out." .....Paul McNulty, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, has publicly exonerated AIPAC of suspicion in the case. In fact, at a press conference last month announcing the indictments, McNulty publicly praised the lobby. Something very wrong with that picture

09-24-05 - Israeli hostage's family offers $10 million for his freedom He was shot down over Lebanon. Not Iran.

09-24-05 - The costs of a hasty U.S. withdrawal A failed American withdrawal in Iraq would increase the threats to the Jewish state.The succesful push to get us to take out Saddam was not enough. Now, we must stay there.

09-24-05 - Arab states at UN urge censure of Israel's nuclear program

09-24-05 - Steinitz leads delegation to US The Iranian nuclear threat, and Israel-US defense relations will be on the agenda when members of Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee travel to Washington, DC this week to meet with US defense officials.

09-24-05 - USA TODAY misplaces 98,000 antiwar protestors

09-24-05 - US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed Iraqis will love to hear that. A sure way to win over the insurgents, I'm guessing.


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