The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

News for 09-20-05

09-20-05 - US uses 'Libya model' to boost pressure on Syria "They are going to grab Syria by the throat and squeeze and shake, and see what kind of change falls out of the Syrian pockets.... It's going to be the harshest isolation they can manufacture,"

09-20-05 - Diplomats: Russia Resisting Iran Referral

09-20-05 - Iran warns it could quit nuclear treaty, issues oil threat

09-20-05 - West threatens action on Iran; Iran threatens reprisals

09-20-05 - Saudi Says U.S. Policy Handing Iraq Over to Iran

09-20-05 - Hariri inquiry moves to Damascus

09-20-05 - Will Neocon Fanaticism Destroy America? U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad predicted that US troops will soon enter Syria. Simultaneously, the Bush administration is desperately trying to orchestrate a case that it can use to attack Iran.

09-20-05 - Rabbis push Congress on torture This is interesting because many of the torture techniques used at Abu Ghraib so closely resembled those that Israeli has used on Palestinians and other Arabs, and given that Israeli forces trained our men in 'urban warfare' in the runup to the Iraq war, I'd say it is safe to assume that this is where our men learned this torture in the first place.

09-20-05 - Israel, Iran clash over their nuclear programs

09-20-05 - Israel Seeks Seat on U.N. Security Council They don't need one. For years we have done their bidding at the UN Security Council - including (ab)using our veto to block resolutions that uphold international and humanitarian law.


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